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Davis, California

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A Little About Our Salon

Sydnee’s Pet Grooming Davis located in downtown Davis. We offer quality service and compassionate grooming for your furry family member. Our highly skilled staff members are trained on all breed styles as well as safety and products. We care deeply about your pet’s health and use only the highest quality all-natural products. We offer solutions to your pet’s skin and allergy needs that keeps their skin and coat healthy and beautiful.


Sydnee’s is more than a grooming company. We are a family with one major quality in common: compassion. That’s why at Sydnee’s we are passionate about delivering a safe, clean and enjoyable experience to every pet we encounter. We promise to create a healthy life with amazing style for your pet!

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Our Menu


*All prices are subject to the breed and the length and condition of the coat. *Pets with longer, thicker, or heavier coats may be subject to higher price scale.

$10-$20 for excessive De-Shedding or under coat • Prices vary depending on breed, coat type, and condition of pet and temperament of pet. $1 per minute for de-matting


Dear Sydnee’s valued customers:

First please allow me say that we love your pet as much as you do and that’s why we have made a career choice to spend more time with pets and do what we love. We only want the best for every pet that comes into our care. Hopefully this Q&A will help you better understand what we do here!

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, please book an appointment in advance to ensure you get the day and time most convenient for you. We function more like a hair salon and appointments for each pet reduces the amount of time we need to keep them and gets them back home in a timely manner.

How do I know what service I need for my pet?

The two main services we offer are a Full Styling or Bath & Brush which can be combined with other options for add-ons. Our Full Styling includes a bath with all-natural shampoo and conditioner, a brush out, haircut, nails trimmed, ear cleaning and gland expression. Our Bath & Brush includes all-natural shampoo and conditioner, brush out, nails trimmed, ear cleaning and gland expression.  Bath & Brush services are booked with bathers who aren’t trained to give haircuts so we do not offer face or body trimming with that service. If you want to add more services on Bath & Brush appointment, please call salon for further assistance.

My long hair dog is matted, can I book a Bath & Brush appointment to brush the mat out?

Unfortunately no, when a dog has matts sometimes they cannot be brushed out and have to be shaved out and bathers are not trained on that.

What is your pricing for long hair coat dogs such as doodles?

We charge by the dog’s weight, coat type and temperament and do also charge for condition of coat so mats or tangles can be more. In general medium doodle is $80-$100, large doodle is $100-$150 and extra large is $150-$200. Many doodles are light and do not weigh a lot but are tall and have a lot of coat. You can get a better understanding of cost at check in and get a quote
from your groomer at your first visit.

How long will the service take?

The amount of time it takes depends on the breed and service. It usually takes between 2-4 hours. For nail trim services, they only take a few moments.

Can I stay and watch my pets being groomed?

We find that pets are far more relaxed when their owners are not present. Your presence can distract them and make them excited causing sudden movements and possibly leading to injury. Your absence during grooming allows us to bond with them and train them for the future grooming, making the experience easier for everyone.

Can my pet be injured during grooming?

Unfortunately yes, accidents happen. We LOVE pets and take every precaution to ensure the safety of them while in our care. Working with sharp tools and objects always come with a risk and pets are live animals whose movements can be unpredictable but we work hard to avoid it. In an event that an injury happens it will be brought to your attention, and cared for appropriately.

What do I expect for my puppy’s first salon appointment?

A puppy’s first grooming experience is crucial as it shapes and trains them for the grooming they will continue to get their entire life. For bath dogs we will do our best to complete all services in a safe, timely manner to ensure your pets comfort, sending them home happy and clean. For breeds that will require haircuts it is important to keep up with the coat at home by brushing daily to prevent tangles. We recommend they come in for a first groom when they are 2 months old after they have received their first 2 sets of puppy shots. The first groom they will receive is an introduction to grooming. Most likely they will not receive an all over cut being that they are still little and learning. We strive to make the grooming experience both positive and safe for puppies and do not want to force or stress them out. It is best to maintain a 4-6 weeks regular schedule after puppy’s first appointment so they remember the experience and training.

What if I have to cancel my appointment?

We have a strict “No Show” policy to ensure that ALL pets get excellent service in a timely manner, we ask that you provide us with 24 hour’s notice should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. This allows us to give other pets in need of grooming the opportunity to fill your slot. Less than 24 hour’s notice will incur a $25 “short notice” fee upon rebooking your next appointment. We reserve the right to not to book customers who have TWO “No Shows”.

What happened if I am late for my pet’s appointment?

We understand traffic happens, and things come up, but please make every effort to be on time and call us if you are running late. After 15 min, your pet is considered a “No show” and can be turned away, this helps us to stay on schedule.

What vaccinations do you require?

We ask that your pet is up to date on all vaccines but Rabies is the main one we need to see proof of in order to be seen with us. We also ask that they do not come in for grooming within 48 hours of their vaccinations in order to ensure their comfort and safety.

Job Opportunities: 

Please Call 530.746.2035



764 5th Street,
Davis, CA 95616

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